How Do I Create an Account?


  • I need to complete a form and it is telling me I need to create an InfoSnap account.
  • I don’t know how to create an InfoSnap account.



  • Are you trying to complete a form and are being prompted to create an account?
  • Are you unsure of how to create an account?
  • Are you on the account login/account creation screen?


Fix It


    • Click “Create Account” to create an account for the first time.
      • In some cases, if you do not have an email, you can create an account with a phone number. 

 How do I create an account 2.PNG


  • Complete all fields marked with a red asterisk.


How do I create an account 3.PNG


  • Choose security questions you will remember the answers to. This is useful for retrieving login information.
  • Agree to the terms and conditions by checking the check box.
  • Click “Create Account”


Still Not Working?


  • If you see an “Invalid Email address” message:
    • make sure there are no spaces before or after the email you have entered
    • make sure you are that you are using a regular email address (

  • If you see the following message: “The email address you entered is already linked to an account”
    • there is already an account that uses that email address
    • you will not be able to create another account with that email address.

For additional support, please connect with us via Live Assist or send us an email through the following link:


someone help me! this thing is so frustrating im about to give up!