Current School Year Not Available


If you are attempting to access an Enrollment form, but the form for the correct school year does not appear in your Dashboard, this means that the link you used to access PowerSchool Enrollment was not the correct link. The link sent to you may be the generic link to your school district’s site, a link to a previous school year’s registration, or there was a technical problem and PowerSchool Enrollment did not pull the correct form into your Dashboard.

You can access the form for the correct school year by following the steps below.


Resolution steps

  1. Go back to the original link that your school district provided for you and attempt to access the form again. If the following page asks for a snapcode, please enter the snapcode that your school district has provided you, then log in to your account.
  2. Contact the Enrollment section of your school district directly to receive the link to the correct school year’s form and to ensure that the form is still available.


Still Not Working?

If these steps do not help you access the form, contact your school district’s Enrollment section for further assistance.

For additional support, please send a ticket through the following link: