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PowerSchool Community Feedback and Suggestions

Do you have feedback on how our new PowerSchool Community looks and functions?


Do you have suggestions for how we can make our Community even better?


Please post your feedback and suggestions here. We'll review all posts and share updates. 


We look forward to hearing from you!

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I really love Powerschool/ Haiku., and I am sorry that my district won't be renewing due to cost.  Recently I began teaching at the community college level using Canvas, and I find myself really missing powerschool ease of use and quality of design. 


One direction I'd love to see some more development in is a collaborative video creation tool for student groups.  As an nglish/ Social Sciences project I have students make persuasive documentaries using WeVideo- it generally integrates well will Google Drive and YouTube (and therefore Haiku) but it would be great if we didn't have to usea third party program to create these projects.  WeVideo is our preferred program for now because it allows students to combine text slides, image slides, video and audio clips and titles/ transitions in a format that's not impossible to teach in a week.  However, to collaborate on a single project, students need to subscribe to the premium version, which needless to say will not be funded by our school and is not something I can require of our families.  It may take a while before the technioloigy allows for this feature in Powerschool (especially to be used effectively on mobile devices) but it's something I'd love to see in the future.  Thanks for reading!

PowerSchool Team
PowerSchool Team

Hi carohopp,


Thank you for the comments, feedback and suggestions! We will keep this in mind for the future!


Thanks again for posting here!



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Hello, This is in regards to the new Talent Ed/Talent Evaluation platform.  It would be awesome if we had the following functions:


1) Adding an advanced filter method in the staff dashboard to select more than one and less than all of the drop down (similar to turning the filters on in xls).  I need to assign all but 4 of our 87 employee types to the same eval and have to page through each employee type one by one in order to capture everyone.


2) Include a click path menu for the page we are on.  Similar to help.powerschool.com>About our community>Welcome and FAQS>Feedback and Suggestions it is nice to be able to simply click the prior menu instead of going back to square one.  Additionally it would help if the pages saved automatically instead of needing to click save after each edit.


3) Please include filters, options for the page, etc at both the top and bottom of the screen.  When I am mass-processing hundreds (thousands) of records and need to select all given my current filter, I don't want to have to scroll to the bottom of each page to get what I need on each of the 14 pages.  This could be alleviated by making the "select all" actually select everything on all pages or increasing the view to "all records" too.


Thank you for your consideration.  I look forward to improvements to the former Talent Ed product now that we are with Power School.


Hi @RebeccaE,


Thank you for providing your suggestions to improve the Unified Talent (TalentEd) platform!  I have submitted your feature requests to the product review team.  If additional information is needed someone from the product team will reach out to you.  

If you have any other suggestions, please do not hesitate to let us know!

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PowerSchool Team
PowerSchool Team

PowerScheduler support alpha characters in section number


Rather than perform the workaround described in article ID = 8283, I would much prefer if PowerScheduler supported the use of alpha characters in the section number field.  If Live Side scheduling allows alpha characters in section number, PowerScheduler should as well.


This new platform is exciting, and it will be great to have all the support resources in one place.  I've been using it for the last few months and have a suggestion.


The layout of search results is difficult to scan compared to the old Community page for PS Learning (currently at https://learning-support.powerschool.com).  A few small formatting changes would go a long way in making this resource more usable:


  • Formatting the question titles to be more prominent would greatly help the eye to skim. 
  • Lengthening their character count would prevent question titles from being truncated.  Often, the more descriptive words come at the end of the sentence.
  • Adding the colored labels for intended user type would also make scanning a breeze.


The older, more scannable version.  The eye easily finds each title.  I've added highlighting.Haiku Community search results.JPG






New version.  This is harder to skim (when scanning for bold text, the title and contributor's name stand out equally; my eye usually falls to the name & icon first, then jumps back for the title).  Highlighting is added here too.PS Community search results.JPG



This is a great resource.  Adjusting the formatting (and perhaps putting the user name under the time stamp) could do a lot for usability.




PowerSchool Team
PowerSchool Team

Hi ljensen,


Thank you for the great feedback and for the suggestions and idea!  We are always looking for ways to improve out Community and appreciate getting the feedback!


Thanks again,



PowerSchool Community Moderator


My post here is related to PowerSource.  Can the feature be added to be able to set defaults for all of the filtering options for support cases?  Right now it looks like only posts per page can be set.  Thanks!

Community Moderator
Community Moderator



Thank you so much for your suggestion about case filtering options in PowerSource.  When logged into PowerSource, you are actually able to submit Enhancement Requests such as this one directly at: https://support.powerschool.com/ers/main.action


For more details on the Enhancement Request System, you can refer to this article: https://support.powerschool.com/article/61401


Thank you for taking the time to help us make the system better for everyone!



@jgates wrote:

My post here is related to PowerSource.  Can the feature be added to be able to set defaults for all of the filtering options for support cases?  Right now it looks like only posts per page can be set.  Thanks!


Michelle B
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