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Hello!  My name is Michael and I am from Levittown School District in New York.  My background is in mathematics education, but I quickly turned to District Administration. I have been working with PowerSchool for about 12 years.  As a database manager, one of the things I really like about PowerSchool is the ability to access backend data and perform custom work.  I also enjoy working in PowerScheduler building HS schedules.  


Looking forward in utilizing the PowerSchool Community!  Will this eventually replace PowerSource?  

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Welcome to the PowerSchool Community Michael!!  There are no plans to replace PowerSource with the PowerSchool Community.  You will find lots of great resources here, and we look forward to seeing more posts from you.

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My name is Carmen Pavon, I am the Student Records Coordinator at The American School Foundation A.C. in Mexico City. We are PS SIS users since 2008, two years ago we acquired Learning and last month the school acquired Registration. I am really excited to try this great network to exchange knowlegde, solutions and ideas.



Carmen Pavón