Please Introduce Yourself!

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Please Introduce Yourself!

Hi Hi!


I'm Chelsea! And I work with, mainly, the Unified Classroom Support team! I also have experience in the SIS, Learning, Reg and AA! Since they all intergrate into UC, it's kind of a must. Cat Wink


I see many familiar faces posting here, specially people I've personally spoken to before and it makes me happy to see them once again! Smiley Very Happy


I was based in the Folsom office, but I moved out to the Roanoke office a few months ago. I enjoy doodling in my spare time, playing video games, and of course jamming to some stellar tunes. 

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Re: Please Introduce Yourself!

Hi my name is Brandi. Mother of twins, a boy and girl. Starting 2nd year of preschool at Avon schools.
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Re: Please Introduce Yourself!

Hi Brandi0219


Welcome to the PowerSchool Community!


I hope you find your experience within the Community rewarding, engaging,  and informative.


Are you looking for knowledge base articles or support help?


Thank you,



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Re: Please Introduce Yourself!

Hi, my name is Katlynn Goble. I am a Junior at Scottsburg High School. I hope to pursue something in the nursing field. 

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Re: Please Introduce Yourself!

Hi Katylnn


Welcome to the PowerSchool Community!


Thanks for posting your introduction.


We hope you will find the knowledge base articles to be helpful, feel free to post any questions you may have.



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Re: Please Introduce Yourself!

Hi Katlynn,


Thanks for joining.  I'm a teacher at Pasco High School.  Can I ask you a question, since you a student?  If there were a way in PowerSchool for you to see what your final grade might be if you got a different grade on an assignment, do you think that would be useful?


For example let's say you have a B+ in Pre-Calculus and got a C on a quiz or some homework and the teacher might let you do it again.  Would you be interested to see if PowerSchool could tell you what grade you might need to get on that quiz to change your overall grade?


Just wondering.

P.S.  Wishing you the best in your pursuit of nursing.  Such an important vocation!

Re: Please Introduce Yourself!

Hi!  I am a secretary at Ripley County R-IV School.   We are located near the state line in the southeastern Missouri.  I have been with the school for almost 30 years.  I use the SIS part of PowerSchool.  


Re: Please Introduce Yourself!

Hello everyone! Happy to be here Smiley Happy


I am the current SIS Admin at a privet High School in Columbus, Ohio. I am a one man Army in my building, and the only one who uses the Admin side of PowerSchool at my school of 900 students. 


The new website looks great and I see much potential in it for the community. 

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Re: Please Introduce Yourself!

Hello all!


My name is Michele Turner and I am the Data Integration Manager for Noblesville Schools. I've worked for the district for 11 years and PowerSchool SIS is my primary responsibility. I also help ensure other systems that require student information are properly integrated with PowerSchool for rostering, etc. We have been a PowerSchool district since 2001 and have been using PowerSchool Registration (formerly known as InfoSnap) since 2014.


I enjoy working with customizations in PowerSchool and am always looking for ways to streamline our processes to make everyone's jobs a little easier each year.


I am excited to see the new site and the continued growth of the PowerSchool product!



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Re: Please Introduce Yourself!

Good afternoon @MicheleT1!


Welcome to the PowerSchool Community! We are excited to have you as a seasoned PowerSchool user. Having expertise in both SIS and Registration, we would love to hear your feedback on how you have used both successfully in your school district. Please feel free to share your thoughts and best practices as desired and please reach out to the Community for any questions you may have!




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