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Hi All!


I am currently a Technology Learning and Innovation Coach for the Sheboygan Area School District (~10,000 students) in Sheboygan, WI.  Before joining this team, I was a Secondary Science teacher (AP Biology, Integrated Chemistry and Physics, etc.) in both Kansas and Missouri. 


Sheboygan Area School District has been using PowerSchool Learning for approximately 4 years.  We started using it when it was still Haiku Learning and absolutely love the product.  Our teachers cannot imagine life now without it.

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Hello Everyone, 


My name is Todd Giesige and I'm the eSchoolPlus (eSP) System Administrator at Toledo Public Schools in Toledo, Ohio. I have been with the school district for almost 4 years now so I'm still a bit of a novice in regards to eSP.  Before coming to Toledo Public Schools I worked at a local company for 22 years as a programmer/database administrator.


Hi I am Kim Fejes with SJUSD in Arizona.

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Hi @KimberlyF2


Welcome to the Community, Kim, and thank you for taking the time to introduce yourself.  We're thrilled to have you here. 


We hope you find the Knowledge Base articles to be useful resources and you are able to connect with other PowerSchool users through the Forums.  If you are looking for a great introduction to the Community, I highly recommend the Getting Started video: 




Michelle B
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Hello everyone,


My name is Janet Russeau, and I am a Technology Applications Specialist for the Monroe County Intermediate School District in Monroe, Michigan.


I am the Cognos report writer for both eSchoolPLUS (eSP) and eFinancePLUS (eFP) for all of the schools in both Monroe and Lenawee counties in Southeastern Michigan. This consists of 22 public school districts and two Intermediate School Districts.


We have been on eSP and eFP for the past 10 years, and started out with Cognos 7.4. In September of 2016, we upgraded to Cognos 10. It has been quite a learning curve as the two versions are VERY different.


There are numerous other roles and software that I support in addition to eSP and eFP. I guess you could say I am a 'Jack of all trades'.


Welcome to the PowerSchool Community, Janet!


Thank you for introducing yourself. We’re glad you’re here!


Lisa L

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Hi Janet!


Not sure if you know me or not.  Rod Russeau.  Son of Don Russeau, grandson of Ernest and Jeanette Russeau - LaSalle.  Yikes, small world!   




Hi Rod,


My husband (Doug) is the Russeau. He is the son of Herman and Rosalyn Russeau, and grandson of Flaggett and Ada Mary Russeau. Doug is the youngest of 8, and his dad was the youngest of 13 children. There are a lot of Russeau's in Monroe, so there is probably a family connection at some point. 


It really is a small world. 🙂






That's awesome, Janet!   When I used to visit my grandparents as a kid, I loved looking in the phone book and seeing 30-40 Russeau's 🙂


Double small world that we are both SunGard/PS/eSP/eFP users!


Glad to connect with you!




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Hi @AydenWhite  Welcome to the PowerSchool Community!

You can find helpful resources in the Welcome and Getting Started pages.

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Hi there,


I'm Jonathan and I'm a 5th Grade ELA and Social Studies teacher in Wilmette, IL. I'm teaching all remote students, and this year has been quite the adventure!!

Jonathan Frohn

Hi @frohnj 


Thank you for taking the time to introduce yourself to PowerSchool Community!


We encourage you to explore our community and we look forward to hearing from you in our Community!    


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My Name is Dennis Massey and I am the Coordinator of Child Welfare and Attendance for Hemet Unified.


Hello @DENNISM9,

Welcome to the Community! We hope you find the information in the Community beneficial to your needs. We encourage you to share any ideas, resolutions, or questions you may have within the Community, and we look forward to hearing more from you!


Have a wonderful day!


Thank you,


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Hi my name is Mark. I’m trying too apply for a football coaching position in Papillion Lavista
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Community Support Expert

Hi @footballcoach22,


Welcome to the PowerSchool Community!

Since you are applying for a position, should you face any issues with your application feel free to browse through our collection of knowledge base articles authored for applicants available here.  You can also reach out to the Unified Talent (TalentEd) Forum for Applicants.


We wish you all the best on your job application, Coach!

Bishal G.
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Interesting to see Sheboygan!  My great Aunt Adela Derfus was a very well loved school teacher there for her career. But she has been gone for about 20 years - so I'm sure it was a lifetime ago.  Just cool to read. Thanks for the share!🙂


Hi everyone. I currently work for the School District of North Fond du Lac as the IM-IT Coordinator. I run the libraries and manage all the District's educational technology.


I started using Haiku many moons ago, when they were first getting off the ground. I've used the LMS in the classroom for many years, eventually getting my entire high school to use it when we implemented Chromebooks into our building.


I brought Haiku with me to North Fond du Lac, where our adoption rates by teachers has increased dramatically over the last three years. The utility of the product and year to year saving of materials has staff quite happy.


Thanks much, it's been fun watching Haiku grow through the years and all the great updates that have come down the line.