Meet our Team!

Community Manager
Community Manager

Meet our Team!

We have an exceptional PowerSchool Community team, dedicated to providing our members with all the tools and solutions they need to be successful. 


You can find out more about our team members below.  Please feel free to reach out to us if you have questions, suggestions, or just to say hello! 




PowerSchool Community Manager 
Jbid is the Director of Community Care and works closely with leaders across our products in Customer Support. She also serves as the Community Manager for our new PowerSchool Community. She helped build our new community and works with a team of moderators to oversee its day-to-day functions. 
Prior to joining Haiku Learning and then PowerSchool, Jbid was a social studies teacher in a high school in Tucson, Arizona for 17 years. She also managed programs under a federal education grant, supporting student achievement and college and career readiness. 
In her spare time, Jbid likes to attend her sons' plays and basketball games and go on fun family trips. 



PowerSchool Community Moderator


Scott is one of our Community Moderators. He specializes in PowerSchool Assessment and Analytics, PowerSchool SIS, and PowerSchool Unified Classroom.


Prior to joining PowerSchool, Scott worked as a validation technician with Intel, specializing in quality testing for graphics drivers for just over four years.


In his spare time, Scott is an avid PC gamer, system builder, and budding case designer.



PowerSchool Community Moderator


Jan is the Supervisor for the PerformancePLUS Technical Support team. She is also serving as one of our Community Moderators.   Before joining the Technical Support group at PowerSchool, Jan wore many different hats, the last being a small computer repair business. She spent her time performing all in-shop service, including sales, hardware/software troubleshooting, and repair.  In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her family, which includes 4 Greyhounds, 1 Wheaton Terrier and more cats than she will admit too, exploring her new home state of Delaware, and volunteering for the local Senior Greyhound adoption group. 



PowerSchool Community Moderator


Erika currently works under Product as a customer communications specialist, working with teams such as Special Education, State Reporting, PLUS services, and of course, the Community! Before product, she was a technical writer at PowerSchool.

Prior to working at PowerSchool, she attended and graduated from Sacramento State majoring in Public Relations and Marketing. She is currently working on her MA from East Bay, where she plans to graduate having studied tourism and recreation.

Speaking of tourism, in her spare time, you can catch Erika at Disneyland soaking up the southern California sun and consuming copious amounts of Mickey-shaped pretzels.

Jamie Image.jpeg


Lead Community Moderator


Jamie is a Community Moderator.  Jamie has worked for PowerSchool since 2016. She has experience with multiple PowerSchool products including PowerSchool Assessment, Analytics, Registration, Mobile, Unified Insights, PerformancePlus, Learning, Unified Classroom, Student Information Systems, and Performance Matters.


Jamie enjoys spending her time outside of work on the lake with her family including her dog, Maggie, and cat, Skylar.



Community Support Expert


Muskan is a Community Support Expert for the product eFinance Plus.


Muskan graduated in the year 2019 and joined PowerSchool after graduation. She a nature lover. At home, she likes spending time with her family.  Muskan teaches her younger siblings and cousins their educational training and enjoys activities like art-n-crafts.


Her favorite sport is Shuttlecock, she enjoys playing that.



Community Support Expert


Reshma is a B.Tech graduate and now a Community Support Expert at PowerSchool since August 2019.


She previously worked at Exide Life Insurance Company for six months and she is specializing in the PowerSchool SIS product since she has joined in PowerSchool.


In her spare time, Reshma loves biking and road trips. She also enjoys reading and listening to podcasts.  She loves to be involved in social activities.



Community Support Expert


Bishal is a Community Support Expert. He has knowledge of PowerSchool Unified Talent and Enrollment (Registration) Products. Prior to joining PowerSchool, he had been moderating multiple Technology Forums and writing articles for Tech publications.


In his spare time, Bishal enjoys producing videos explaining technological advancements in easy to grasp terms, he is what some would like to call a tech geek.



Community Support Expert


Paritosh joined PowerSchool in July 2020 as a Community Support Engineer. Prior to PowerSchool Paritosh worked at Informatica as a Support Engineer for a couple of years and a part-time freelancer.


He is excited to explore all the areas this job has to offer. He looks forward to contributing to the community and help it grow. Apart from Community, Paritosh has been trained on SIS.


In his free time, Paritosh likes to read a lot and sing his own versions of songs. He loves to cook. He always tries to start his day by having a video call with his parents and a cup of coffee. He loves teaching kids Mathematics and Science during his vacations.



Community Support Expert


Saffiya joined PowerSchool in 2021 as a Community Support Expert.  She is a subject matter expert with eFinancePlus.  She loves reading books, taking road trips, and exploring new places.  And most of all, she loves spending time with her family.



Community Support Expert


Jyotishka joined PowerSchool in February 2021 as a Community Support Expert.  She is a subject matter expert with Enrollment.  She graduated in Electrical Engineering in 2020. Being a fresher I hope to bring new ideas and positive energy with my work.


In her spare time, she likes to listen to all genres of music, sometimes watches anime, and plays with her pet dog.


Knowledge Manager


Kamran is a B.Tech graduate and currently working as Community Knowledge Manager, since May 2021.  He has 7 years of experience in IT Operations and has previously worked with Dell Technologies, Mindtree Ltd and Cognizant, before joining PowerSchool.

In his spare time, Kamran likes to read books. He is a nature lover. He loves to travel and explore new places.

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 Community Support Expert


 Kriti Seth joined PowerSchool in February 2021 as a Community Support   Expert. She is a subject matter expert with Performance Matters.  Kriti has   graduated in 2020 and this is her first job. She is very excited and looks forward   to upgrading her working skills.

 She loves listening to music and enjoys spending time with her family!

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Community Team Member


Erica is Community Team Member working with the Knowledge team. She graduated with a degree in Communication and Cinema, and began her journey as a support agent on the Naviance Support team, before joining the Community team.


In her spare time, Erica likes baking pastries, binge watching new Netflix shows, and playing board games.


PowerSchool Community Manager
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