Chat Support Guide for Unified Talent (TalentEd) Applicant Support





When an applicant logs into Talent Ed  and this error appears:




An error has occurred that prevents this portion of your profile from being saved at this time or you have logged off the system.


The applicant can not proceed past this error.

Any suggestions?

Hi! @TerriR3 


This error message is caused when incorrect credentials are entered while logging in.


If the applicant has multiple accounts with the same email address, that can be a reason for facing this issue when trying to log in.


I recommend the applicants to reset the account password and ensure that they are using the same e-mail address that was used to create their Hire account.  The correct username will be available in the password reset email.


If applicants are using a password manager, make sure to delete all old passwords associated with the website before creating a new password.

Hi!  @MuskanS


Thank you! This certainly helped! Problem resolved and an applicant very happy!