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PowerSchool Support offers secure, remote support to customers as a fast and efficient alternative to phone and case portal support. Customers may choose to start a web-based chat to ask general questions and report issues and then elevate to a secure, screen-sharing session for more in-depth troubleshooting.

Chat support is available from 7 AM – 7 PM CST.


Accessing Chat Launch Form

  1. Open your Web browser to the PowerSchool Community, https://help.powerschool.com
  2. Login using your PowerSchool Community username and password. (If you’ve forgotten your username or password, click Forgot username or password link on the Sign In window.)
  3. Hover over the Contact Support menu and select the Launch Chat Support option.


Completing the Chat Launch Form

  1. The launch form provides basic information to ensure your session is routed to an agent who can assist with your specific issue. All fields on the form are required.
  2. When you begin typing your Subject, the Community will suggest articles that may help answer your question. 
  3. Priority definitions are provided for you to help you choose the appropriate priority for your inquiry.
  4. The Product options that are available to you are based on
    • The products that your district/school has purchased and
    • The PowerSchool Support teams that offer chat support currently. Please select either of these: SearchSoft, SchoolSpring, SmartFind Express, Intelliglance.
  5. The ‘Please provide a brief detailed statement of your inquiry’ field allows for a brief summary of your inquiry. This information is presented to the chat agent at the start of your session, so they know where to begin troubleshooting.
  6. If all the fields are not filled in prior to clicking Launch Live Assist, an error message will appear next to the field that needs populating.
  7. Please make sure to have your Pop Ups enable in your browser.

Chat Experience

Once you click the Launch Live Assist button, the chat session will be launched in a new tab behind the Launch Chat form in your browser window.png5.png

  1. You will receive a notification of your position in the queue every 60 seconds until a Live Assist Chat agent is assigned to your chat session.
  2. Once the agent picks up the chat session, you can start chatting with him.
  3. If you need to share your screen, the Live Assist Chat agent will send you a request. You will have 60 seconds to Accept or Decline the request to share your screen.
  4. To share your screen, you will download an executable file that will be automatically deleted from your computer upon the close of the chat session.
  5. Upon downloading the full chat client software, the Live Assist chat agent will be able to view and control your screen. A new chat box will appear on your screen.PnG2.PNG


  6. During the chat session, the Live Assist chat agent may also use tools in the chat console to draw on your screen to guide you towards a resolution.
  7. To end a chat session, click the X in the top right corner of the browser tab or the top right corner of the chat window.

After the Chat Session

Once the chat session is ended, a new landing page will be opened in a new browser tab. For screen sharing sessions, the Bomgar software will be removed from your computer.

  1. To download the transcript of the chat session, click Download Chat Transcript. A plain text file with the transcript of the chat session will be downloaded to your computer.
  2. The Chat case details will be viewable in the Case portal shortly after the chat.png6.PNG