TalentEd - My Tasks search features are lacking


TalentEd - My Tasks search features are lacking

It bothers me (A LOT) that I can't type something in the search box in "My Tasks" and have those search resulsts stay after I go into an item. For exampe: I type in "Background" and it pulls up all of My Tasks that match that search. I go into one of them, and sign/approve/etc (or do nothing). When I go out I have to type in "Background" again - it should hold my search (and give me the option to get rid of my search criteria). When I search on amazon for a "Packer's jersey" it gives me a bunch of them. I click on one and go back to my search results without having to retype the the search again. This would GREATLY improve my experience with TalentEd.

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Re: TalentEd - My Tasks search features are lacking



This is a great suggestion!  Currently, this feature isn't built into the PowerSchool Unified Talent (TalentEd); however, we have submitted a feature request on your behalf to enable a feature that holds back the search criteria within the search box of 'My Tasks'.


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