Problem with Professional EPI Assessment

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Problem with Professional EPI Assessment

Part of the application process for the job I applied to is to complete an assessment (Teacher EPI Assessment). I completed the assessment, and about 24 hours later I received an email requesting that I complete the assessment. I checked my application status and it did not appear that my results were received. I reached out to the district contact and she said to either reach out to the help desk here, or take the test again. I tried to take the test again and it will not allow me to, since I already did. Is there any way for the results to be accessed so that the district can view them? Or perhaps a way that the blocker for multiple attempts can be overridden? Thanks. 

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Hi @ealde927,

Candidate Assessment (EPI) results are available with the HR Department of the school district, and not available at the applicant's end. If you have completed the EPI assessment, your results will be locked, and you should not be able to re-take the Assessment for another six months.

You can find out more about the EPI Assessment in our knowledge base article linked here

Bishal G.
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