Known Issue: Error message when attempting to apply to jobs



There is a known issue with the Applicant Tracking sites for districts where applicants are receiving an error message at different stages of applying for a job. The error states the following:  "We're sorry. An error has occurred that prevents this portion of your profile from being saved at this time or you have logged out of the system. Please login again and try your task again. We apologize for the inconvenience." (screenshot below)





As a workaround, applicants are able to reset their password in order to get around the errors. To do this, applicants can go under the Job Postings tab of the district's site > Menu section > "I forgot my Username or Password" link > enter their email in the textbox available > Submit > they will then receive an email notification with a link to open and reset the password.


This is a known issue under investigation by our engineering team. If you need any further assistance, please feel free to open a support case.


This workaround is NOT working for me, as when I click on the 'i forgot my username or password' it will not let me reset! 


It tells me the 'This password reset link has been deactivated.'

It definitely does not work for me. It allows me to reset my password & yet even with the new password it still doe snot allow me to sign in. I have opened two separate cases as this has been occurring for me for over two weeks. Both have been deemed closed as it was labeled as "bug issue", but it has not been fixed. How can the cases be closed, yet there is no resolution? 

Hi @hillyminne@slopezguerrero,


Thank you for reaching out to the PowerSchool Community for assistance!


There is a similar thread that provides information on why this error message "password reset link has been deactivated" is displayed. we recommend reviewing the thread here.


For more assistance on this or need further clarifications, please feel free to reach out to us.




Reset not working.  On the phone with applicant who has tried to reset password twice, still gets error message.

Hi @elaine-smith,


Thank you for reaching out to the PowerSchool Community for assistance!


The error about the deactivated link can be due to your district IT blocking the link to go through.  It is very common to have external emails scanned for links and the protection software to access the links to check for safety.  I recommend reaching out to the IT  who should be able to 'white list' emails from the PowerSchool domain.  This would allow external emails to still have the one-time reset link available.  We have a similar thread in the community, I recommend reviewing the thread by clicking here.



work around doesn't work. 

Hi @mdsobek 


Thank you for reaching out to the Community for assistance!


We see that you have been working with our PowerSchool Support Team and you have been sent a Recovery link. 


Please let us know if you still continue facing an error message when applying for a job.



If you are still continuing to see this error despite the workaround, please clear the cache and cookies on your browser before clicking the password reset link or try a different browser to reset your password. Directions for clearing your cache can be found here: How do I clear my browser’s cache/history? 


If you need any further assistance, please feel free to open a support case.

The reset is not working, it allowed me to change my password but it will not allow me to log in still.

Hi @mac91992,


We recommend using the username received in the password reset email to log in to your account.  Please make sure that a password manager is not replacing the entered password with old credentials.

The error came  up again after I reset my password.  Please advise.