Internet Explorer 11: Support Notice

Key Dates and Information


Note: The following communication does not apply to BusinessPlus customers.


End of support: January 1, 2020



What is happening?

Microsoft recommends using Microsoft Edge as a default web browser for optimal performance and support. As a result, PowerSchool will officially end support for Internet Explorer 11 beginning January 1, 2020. As technology evolves, we strive to grow and adapt to the most up-to-date browsers with the latest security features in order to best serve our customers. For more information, please visit the following article by Microsoft: Lifecycle FAQ – Internet Explorer and Edge.

What is the impact?

After January 1, 2020, any product issues that arise specific to Internet Explorer 11 browsers only will not be addressed. While this does not mean PowerSchool products will stop working on Internet Explorer 11, over time, users may see an increased level of Internet Explorer-specific bugs are not addressed.

What should I do?

To minimize web browser-related disruption, PowerSchool strongly recommends using Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Apple Safari or Mozilla Firefox as your default web browser.

What if I am a BusinessPlus customer?

BusinessPlus will release cross-browser compatibility in December 2019 with version We realize that many customers will not be able to upgrade immediately, and we will continue to fix issues specific to Internet Explorer 11. Please contact your Account Executive directly for more information.

What if I am an eSchoolPlus or eFinancePlus customer?

We are aware that there are some modules and reports that are still dependent on Internet Explorer 11. We’ll continue to support IE specific defects for these modules until we develop clear path forward for each of these modules. You will receive a communication in early 2020 with more specific details for what can be expected going forward.