Unified Classroom - New Assignment Workflow


Assignment Creation – New Features

  • Teacher can select ‘Handout’ for MSFT files
    • Files are stored in Unified Classroom (not in OneDrive, even if they were originally attached from there)
    • All users, regardless of authentication type, can use handout for MSFT files
  • If Handout is selected for any file
    • ‘Submit Student Online Work’ is defaulted on and cannot be changed
    • Once a single student has created a handout for the assignment, the file cannot be removed or changed to ‘view’
      • Prevent Data Loss
    • Limitations for Handouts
      • Google Tenant Users
        • Teacher must be the owner of the file. Team Drive files are not compatible with handouts.
        • User will be given a tooltip to explain why they cannot change from ‘View’


Assignment/Activity List – New Features

  • Online Work icon has been replaced with a computer, to avoid confusion with the ‘attachments’ paperclip
  • Status Circle (in quick view and the column)
    • Points to the # of students that have ‘submitted’ assignments, rather than the number of students that have uploaded a file



Scoring Page – New Features/Updates

  • New ‘Files’ icon
  • New Status column
    • Blank means the student has been assigned the work
    • Right Arrow is submitted by student
    • Purple Left Arrow is returned to student
    • Number is the number of times the file has been in that status
    • ToolTip gives the status name
  • Row Menu
    • If student has submitted a file, than ‘Return to Student’ Appears in the menu
    • Any other status, it does not appear




Score Inspector – New Features/Updates

  • Moved student attachments/files into new bar
  • File Icon opens the WOPI viewer to view the attachments
  • Status is dynamic based on previously explanations
  • Return to student functions only when the status is ‘submitted)



Notification – New Features/Updates

  • Teachers now receive a notification when the student clicks ‘Submit Assignment’, not when a file is uploaded, in the ‘Assignments’ tab of notifications
  • The notification is deleted if the student clicks ‘Undo’


Assignment/Activity List – New Features

  • Status Column
    • Indicates to the student whether the assignment requires online work/submission (Computer), they have submitted the assignment (right arrow/submitted), or the assignment has been returned (purple left arrow, returned), and number of times the files has been submitted/returned.
  • Updated ‘My Files’ icon
  • New messaging (Upload File instead of ‘Upload Assignment’ in hover and quick view)


Assignment Details Screens – New Features/Updates

  • Removal of the top menu
  • Status count appears on the ‘Due Date’ bar, left justified, with ‘Submitted (n)’ or ‘Returned (n)’ with icon
  • My Files
    • Button to Upload file added to the screen here
    • Submit Assignment Button is functional only when the status is either blank (Computer) or returned
    • Student is given the option to ‘Undo’ their submission only while on this screen.
  • Limitations for file uploads
    • Google Tenant Users
      • Students can only upload Google files that they are the owner of.
      • Team Drive files cannot be uploaded due to the nature of the drive, and students should create their own copy of the file



Notification – New Features/Updates

  • Students now receive a notification when the teacher clicks ‘Return to Student’ in the ‘Assignments’ tab of notifications.
    • Assignments tab is new for student user type
  • The notification is deleted if the teacher clicks ‘Undo’


WOPI Viewer (for Teacher/Student) – New Features/Updates

  • User is notified of the location of the file they are editing/viewing
    • If MSFT, then
      • ‘You are viewing a Unified Classroom Copy’
    • If Google file, then
      • If they have edit permissions, then ‘You are editing the live file stored in Google Drive.’
      • If they have view permissions, then ‘You are viewing the live file stored in Google Drive.’


Edit Microsoft Documents – New Features/Updates

  • ‘Edit Button’ in the top right corner enables the user’s ability to edit the file (based on their permissions)
  • User has all capabilities provided by Office Online