wrong courses listed

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wrong courses listed

My child still has the wrong courses in Powerschool and Schoology no one seems to help and for all the info on this site there isnt an option to report a problem at least no easily found one. working and homeschool I have not got time to spend hours fumbling throught his site. We're with CPS and go tot the Digital Academy the recource they use Edgenuity is fine the CPS ones are not I need Powerschool fix asap 

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Re: wrong courses listed

Each instance of PowerSchool and Schoology (though hosting by PowerSchool) is operated by the school and/or district your child attends. They are the only ones who can fix the issue for you and your child.  Depending on the organization structure of your child's school, either the counselor or school registrar should be able to fix the problem.  



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