Unified Classroom: Scantrons

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Unified Classroom: Scantrons

Can teachers have students use the PowerSchool application to scan their own scantrons?

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Good Afternoon @MelissaF1!


Thank you for posting. The best way to administer paper/pencil exams in Unified Classroom is by way of creating Key Type Assessments (https://docs.powerschool.com/UCHT/grading/assignments-activities/key-type-assessments). Once the assessment key has been created in Unified Classroom, there should be an option to print out bubble sheets from the Assessment Proctor screen. Once the sheets have been printed and the students have marked their answers, the bubble sheet may either be scanned using the PowerScan app (available for free download from the App Store or from Google Play), or you may scan all of the bubble sheets via scanner into a .pdf format and forward them to powerscan@powerschool.com. The latter should automatically grade all bubble sheets within 30 minutes of submission.


At this time, Scantron and other third-party bubble sheets are not compatible with Unified Classroom. All bubble sheets printed from an assessment created in  Unified Classroom contain a scan code that ties it specifically to the assessment from which it was generated. Hope this helps!




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