Student issues with accessing assessments on chromebooks

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Student issues with accessing assessments on chromebooks

We have several teachers that have tried to assign assessments -  from the Powerschool bank - and students have had varied success accessing the assessment  It will just give the colored dots cycling over and over or an error.   The teacher is assinging from a PC desktop.  The students are using chromebooks.  Some students get in just fine and others don't.   We have also found clearing the cache on the browser seems to help either with students that attemp and can't log in or by doing this first before students attempt.   Any one else have or solve this issue? 

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I'm sorry students are experiencing difficulties accessing an assessment assigned in Unified Classroom!  I'm glad to hear that clearing the cache allowed students to access the assessment within their Chromebooks. 


Chromebooks have a small amount of zRAM and RAM, Random Access Memory.  RAM is the memory a computer uses to send and retrieve data a computer will require to interact with the software.  Downloading exams and accessing assignments on a computer uses RAM.  When the RAM storage is near capacity, the user may experience difficulties interacting with the software such as downloading and accessing another exam.  


If users experience a delay or inability to interact with the software due to idle processes, the user can clear the cache within the browser.  Clearing the cache should free up unused RAM to speed up the user's computer.  I have attached a link that will guide users through the process of clearing cache in the most common browsers.

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