Sharing of Assessment with Colleagues


Sharing of Assessment with Colleagues

Hey all


I was wondering if you could point in the right direction with a way to share assessments or assessments items with other teachers in our PLC/department?


Thank you

Nikki Marlowe

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Community Support Expert
Community Support Expert

Hi Nikki,

There are a few ways that can help share assessments in Unified Classroom, within a district.

Teachers can share assessments among themselves by using the Question Library or by using the Copy Block feature.  Our knowledge base article on sharing or copying an assessment should be able to walk you through the steps, the link can be found below.

How do I Share or Copy an Assessment? 


A Unified Classroom Assessment Administrator can create assessments and save them in the district's content bank, this should allow teachers in the district access the assessments.  Teachers with an Assessment Curriculum Specialist role in the district can add assessments in the district's content bank as well, as shown in the screenshot below.

DB - img.png

Bishal G.
PowerSchool Community Support Expert
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Thank you for this! I too have also been looking for how to share an assessments with colleagues. Without being able to meet face to face with co-workers, the use of PowerSchool has made collaborating much easier.


Thank you for sharing this info.  It will be helpful as we progress to online learning in the next few weeks.


I would use a shared Google Drive Folder to put assessments.  Or if you are talking about sharing assessments that you enter into PowerSchool you could add the other teachers as collaborators to your class.