Sharing Assessments from Admin


Sharing Assessments from Admin

Hi all, 


We have an admin account for our Heads of Faculty so they can check in on class pages and help monitor assessments. Our HoFs would like to use this account to copy assessments from one class page to another as they have access to all pages on the admin account. PowerSchool is not allowing them to copy assessments in this way.


Is this a glitch or a feature of PowerSchool? 




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Community Support Expert
Community Support Expert

Hi @eboothmos,


Thank you for reaching out to the PowerSchool Community for assistance!


We are happy to help you with your request. There are currently two ways of copying Assessments between classes.

  1. Using the Question Library
  2. Using the Copy Block feature

Neither of these options keeps the two assessments "in sync," so if you make changes to one assessment, you'll need to make those changes in each of the other classes as well.


I have provided a link to the article below that will guide you on how to copy assessments between classes.




I hope it was helpful.

If you have any queries feel free to reach us.

Muskan Sehar

PowerSchool Community Moderator

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