Seeing Class Pages from a Specific Student's View


Seeing Class Pages from a Specific Student's View

Hello All, 


I want to preface this post with a description of what 1/2 my job entails. During the mornings I teach social studies, but in the afternoons I am a resource teacher for our at-risk youth. Over my time in the position, I have experienced a couple of different LMS's. One feature that was nice in one of our former ones, was the ability to see what specific students are able to see for all of their classes. This helps me assist students in a structured study hall by seeing the expectations and assignments that I can help get kids to participate in specific learning issues and see if I can help them when they are struggling. I did not have the ability to modify/submit anything, but my colleagues' content was able to be viewed. 


One way that we have gotten around this issue for teachers like our collab special education teachers and me is to make them either co-teachers or students in the class. This, however, is problematic since I have around 30-40 students who take 6-8 classes a day. Do you see an easier way around this issue? Any help would be appreciated. 

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Re: Seeing Class Pages from a Specific Student's View

Hi @kyleberg,

An option to masquerade as a student to view their content on Class Pages is not built into PowerSchool Unified Classroom.  However, your district's Domain Controller may have the ability to access the student's side by masquerading as a student on PowerSchool Learning.  I suggest reaching out to your district's Domain Controller to find more information.

In the meantime,  I have submitted your suggestion to add the ability to see what specific students can see for all of their classes as a feature request with the Unified Classroom product team.

Bishal G.
PowerSchool Community Support Expert
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