Schoology and Unified Classroom Dashboard


Schoology and Unified Classroom Dashboard

After using Unified Classroom Class Pages and UC Assignments the last two years we are making a full transition to Schoology.  Has anyone seen any RoadMap or plans for what this looks like.  Currently we have teachers and students logging into two different sites.  That isn't that big of a deal but the Unified Classroom Dashboard is useless.  Kids and parents log in to see grades but will see all the messages area, calendar, and the class pages.  We will now use zero of that. Wish we could just go back before we had to transition everyone to Unified Classroom and just logged into the SIS and could go to the PTP.


Also, going to Schoology as soon as possible was they best decision the district made.  Once teachers started using it they didnt even care about the content in PS Learning becasue the product is so much more efficient. 



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PowerSchool Champion

First of call, congratulations. I wished we had made a similar decision. However, some people have invested a great deal of time and energy in developing their class pages.  Plus, we are still waiting to see if there is an actual road map that combines the UC Dashboard with Schoology or as you indicate, Schooly just replaces the need for the UC altogether.


In the PowerSchool SIS settings, you can turn off the forced UC login and go back to regular PTP on your own. In the District Office - System - Security Unified Classroom Setup just uncheck the Single Sign-On options for Teachers and Students/Parents. We have never Enabled Students and Parents Single Sign-On so the normal login for the Parent Portal still works.  Only our students use the Unified Classroom.


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