Resubmissions and Opening Up Past Assessments


Resubmissions and Opening Up Past Assessments

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We are experiencing difficulty in our transition to UC/Learn from another LMS this year, as our teachers are used to students being able to resubmit assignments they have uploaded. Is there a way to allow students to do this?


Additionally, if teachers use UC assessments, is there a way to reopen them for individual students after the original due date? We are in a one-to-one school and many teachers prefer using online quizzing, however, if a student misses a class and needs to make up the quiz, the only way we are seeing to do this is by creating a new quiz and exempting everyone else. Is there an easier way?

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According to a webinar I viewed a couple of weeks ago, the teacher can "return to student" an assignment and allow them to resubmit after editing it further.  The student is also given a very brief opportunity after clicking submit assignment to undo the submission. 


We don't yet use UC Assessment so I can't help you there.

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Hi @BenH5 !


@DanM3 is right in regards to Class Pages assignments. If a student submits online work you can annotate and then hand it back to the student.


For UC Assessments, those are relatively locked down once it is completed. You can discard the results on the proctor page if you want the student to take the Assessment again, but the Score will be cleared out. If you would like to keep the score for reference, generally we recommend creating a new Assignment with the same UC Assessment and assigning to the single Student. You can then exclude any of the scores that you don't want to count towards there final grade.


Hopefully that information was helpful for you!





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