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Is it possible to clear ALL/many comments at one time using the "Fill" feature or any other feature?  "No eligible blank scores available to fill" message comes up when trying to fill to a blank comment to place a new semester comment.


The old version of PowerSchool allowed us to clear many comments at one time. Very useful for teachers who have over 150 students and comments to update.

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Hello @mguerrero!


Thank you so much for posting your question!


When it comes to PowerTeacher Pro and the Mass Fill Option things operate differently within the new PowerTeacher Pro Gradebook than they used to with the old Gradebook.


Currently PowerTeacher Pro does not allow for mass filling blank Teacher Comments for Students as that is not a functionality within PowerTeacher Pro. Teacher must work to remove Comments individually per Student in order to clear them from within their Gradebooks.


Though, if you'd like to see this feature become a functionality for PowerTeacher Pro in future releases please be sure to vote on any existing enhancement Requests from the Enhancement Requests area of PowerSource.


Here's a quick link for you! 




In the Search Bar search for the topic you'd like to see Requests about, such as "Mass Fill Blank Comments" Or similar.


I hope this information was useful!

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