Online Assessment Score NOT Being Posted to the Gradebook.

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Online Assessment Score NOT Being Posted to the Gradebook.

On Firday, I used the Library to give the students a formative online assessment. I have tried three times to automatically post the score, however each time I receive the same message:


The score for the student failed to post to PTP.
Please go to the assignment scoring page and select 'Resubmit Grades' to send the score again.
Before I contact support on Monday, any ideas what might prevent the score from getting posted within the Unified Classroom?
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Hello @DanM3


Thanks for posting your question for us here!


I understand that you have Learning Assessment Scores not posting to the PowerTeacher Side of things in Unified Classroom.


Without seeing the actual Assessment or pulling logs we can check a few things;


Make sure the Assignment doesn't have any odd data such as spaces, leading or following, accented characters not present in localization, etc in the Assignment title. Also ensure that the Score Type is points, and that Students have Scores populated. 


On occasion simply editing the Assessment, modifying data like the Description, and saving it again can help to puish Scores over to the Scoresheet. You will still need to resubmit Grades on the Gradebook within the Class Page though.


If these options don't work, I believe we will need to look into the issue further! If you're a Teacher please utilize our Live Assist where we can share screens and take a look with you and if you're a Administrator for the SIS or Unified Classroom feel free to give us a call. 


Thank you,

Unified Classroom - Technical Support Engineer I/Community Moderator