My Haiku Class Gredebook is not showing final score, only last attempt

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My Haiku Class Gredebook is not showing final score, only last attempt

In my Haiku Class gradebook, I just realized that the practice quiz grade that is recorded is just the last attempt out of the two attemps I allow on the quiz.  I  want the averages of the attempts.  I have the box in the quiz setting that says "Use student's best attempt as their Assessment Final Score 
When not checked PowerSchool Learning will calculate the Final Score as the average of all attempts" UNCHECKED.  and when I look at the Final Score under View Scores, it does show the average, but in the gradebook, it shows the last attempt.  


I had no problem for marking cycle 1, but with marking cycle 2 grades, it is having this problem.  I really don't see what I am doing differently.  Can you please help????

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Thank you for submitting your question in the Community!  


In PowerSchool Learning, an assignment can be created to have multiple attempts available.  The final score in PowerSchool Learning will calculate as the average of all attempts taken by a student.  The assignment can also be set up to show the highest score between all attempts as the final score as well.


In Unified Classroom, an assignment cannot be taken more than once unless the first score is dropped.  


I will be happy to submit a feature request on your behalf to the PowerSchool Product Team to add the feature to allow students to have multiple attempts to an assignment and calculate the average of the two assignments.  We thank you for your suggestions to improve Unified Classroom for teachers. 

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