I've used Remind to communicate with families. But I would like to switch to PowerSchool. But, some of the features I like in Remind aren't in PS. Specifically - if I'm messaging a specific parent, I might need to add an attachment (their student recieved a detention and I want to send a copy), and I would like to be able to message a group of parents (with attachments) instead of the whole class. Any upgrades possible for this? Thanks!

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PowerSchool Team
PowerSchool Team

Good Afternoon @chansen,


Thank you for your post. When sending email from Unified Classroom it is possible to select a list of desired parents by searching under the 'To' field when Writing a message:


image (1).png


If you wish to send to all parents, you would want to select 'All Parents' in this way:


image (2).png


While there is not currently a feature in place in Unified Classroom to send attachments to parents, it should be possible to send images to them as a workaround based on your permissions. That said, I have also shared your feedback with the Product Team as a feature request that you would like to see in the future. 




PowerSchool Community Admin 

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