Late Work in Unified


Late Work in Unified

In Unified Classroom, is there a way to check what time an assignment is submitted late? If you grade immediately you can see that an assignment is late, but you don't know how late (one day? two? a week? a month?). I've looked around and have found anything. 


Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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There is only one place I have found where you see any type of time stamp (so I know it's there, just hidden somewhere!) is when you go to notification icon and click on assignments, it's visible until you click on the assignment and then disappears.  (Which is very unfortunate!)


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I have found a way! If you go to the tab "students" on the left. Click on the student that you would like to see the assignment for. Then click on the view detail with the little eye, then click on the assignments tab between "overview" and "quicklinks", click on the assignment you wish to see when the turned it in on the list. Next to their file it says when they turned in the file. The picture that I have sent shows that my student turned theirs in on October 9th when it was due on October 7th. Screenshot (29)_LI.jpg

I hope this helps! 

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Thank you for sharing this, @Aislinn_Reid!




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