How to migrate question library


How to migrate question library

I am a teacher in Springfield Public Schools, Massachusetts.  We have been told that the district will be using Unified Classroom instead of Brightspace next year.  I have a library of over 1000 test questions and would like to migrate them to Unified Classroom.  Although I have a login for PowerTeacher, it does not work for Unified Classroom.


Are there any tools that will allow me to format test questions for powerschool without having a working user ID and password?


Also, many of my questions are in the multiple selection format, where one, two or three of the phrases could be correct, and the student must select all the correct answers.  I haven't been able to find that format in the documentation.  What is it called in powerschool?

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Hi @jacksonda_SprPubSch!


Thank you for posting your question in the PowerSchool Community.


To address your first issue for your login with Unified Classroom, you will need to create a separate login for Unified Classroom when it's enabled for your school district. Your administrators should be able to assist you with the account creation process when Unified Classroom goes live for your school, and how to log in to Unified Classroom to access your grade book, and any other features that your school uses with Unified Classroom.


To migrate your questions and associated answers from Brightspace, you will need to manually create them withink Unified Classroom Assessments once your school has been enabled for Unified Classroom. We don't yet have a feature that allows importing test questions into Unified Classroom Assessments.


Our development team currently has an active enhancement request for adding the ability to import test questions and other content into the Unified Classroom Assessments feature. I have added my vote to that enhancement request for you.

Scott S.
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