How to check childs grades


How to check childs grades

How to see child s grades in each classroom?

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I would like to know also. I have already had such a hard time figuring the app and the website. Then the school was having technical difficulties with it. How majorly confusing.
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PowerSchool Team

Good Afternoon @Efurby,


Thank you for taking time to post in the Community! At this time the mobile app pulls data that is stored in the Student Information System rather than data that is stored directly in Unified Classroom. The scope of the information that is available through the mobile app depends on your district's settings and the information they share out. That said, there should be forthcoming updates to provide additional data from Unified Classroom in future releases, so stay tuned! The best way to view student data would be to log in via the parent portal at and it should be possible to view your child's data that way. If you have any difficulty with viewing that information, you will want to reach out to the child's school and they should be able to assist you with troubleshooting as needed.
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