How to add Khanacademy as an LTI?

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How to add Khanacademy as an LTI?

In light of the recent school shutdowns, I want to be able to post Khanacademy videos and exercises on my PowerSchool classroom. I tried the SCROM/LTI option and the only two LTI options available are Nearpod and Kyte Learning. When I choose Nearpod App, I am able to add a Khanacademy link in the URL, however, the content shows up as a Nearpod activity, which is confusing. 


PowerSchool help resources show that it is possible to link to a whole bunch of applications, I just don't know how to. I appreciate any help in this regard. 


Thanks a bunch!


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Community Support Expert
Community Support Expert

Hi Anusha,

Your school district's Learning Domain Administrator can add new or configure preexisting LTI Tools through the Applications area of the Domain Control.

Our knowledge base article on What is an LTI Tool and how do I add one to my domain? should be able to provide the necessary information.

You can find a list of examples of LTI apps, their host address, and unique Keys or Secret keys here.

Bishal G.
PowerSchool Community Support Expert
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Hi Anusha, 


If you can't get the district to add the Khan Academy app as an LTI, could you add the Khan Academy embed code using the "Embed the Web" feature?  It might mess up formatting, but it might be a short workaround until your district can add the Khan Academy app.


Thanks for this question.  I'm sure many districts are wondering this same thing.