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Head of Department



We would like our Heads of Department to have access to all of the relevant class pages for their team. We have given them co teacher access the pages, but we are aware there is a 25 class limit for co teachers. Is there another way that we can increase the access for these teachers? 


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Hey @eboothmos, Thank you for reaching out for assistance with the PowerSchool Community!


I understand that you prefer and encourage the idea of this feature to be added. I appreciate you bringing this to our notice.


As of now it is not currently built into the Unified Classroom. I have submitted a feature request on behalf of you to the Unified Classroom for Teacher to extend the access limit for co-teacher above 25.


Thank you again for your input and feel free to reach us with any suggestions for improvement for our products. 

Sowmya Karmel
PowerSchool Community Moderator
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