GPA Question

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GPA Question

Currently we use unified classroom and on their it says that my current WEIGHTED gpa is a number but when i’ve calculated my own gpa and even used multiple websites it was calculated that the number showing is my unweighted gpa and I was wondering why the number shows up as such and if there’s anyway to fix it?
I understand different schools and school systems calculate “weighted” gpa different but i’ve taken 7 AP classes so far so there’s no reason my weighted gpa should be the same as my unweighted gpa. Also the “weighted gpa” showing up says its up to date with semester 2 so it’s not the issue of it being not up to date.
Ive tried to explain my situation as best as I can, I hope you understand it! I just really wish for the weighted gpa I worked for to show up with the correct number!

Thanks so much.
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Re: GPA Question

Hello @clarab1234 , it sounds like  you are a student. I would encourage you to check with your school. The PowerSchool SIS allows each school / district to write the mathematical formula for the GPA calculation. There are also lots of other settings in the SIS that can effect how it's being calculated, so only your school can really answer your question and explain why your GPA value is what it is.


Good luck!


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