Error message when adding UC Assignment to Classpages


Error message when adding UC Assignment to Classpages

We have had a few teachers have this pop up today as they were trying to add a Unified Classrom Assignment Block in ClassPages:



Any ideas?

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PowerSchool Champion

Two weeks ago during training the Unified Classroom Class Pages (PS Learning) were really slow or totally offline. My attendance clerk is complaining that the SIS is very slow today as well.  It could be just a bad day for hosting. I was able to post a UC Assignment content block on my class page a few minutes ago without any issues.

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Yes. The class page needs to be ACTIVE for UC Assignmnent to work. If the teacher has not made the page active, then this message will be seen. You can make class ACTIVE under the GEAR on the right side of the class page. That menu is at the bottom.