Due dates for students with accomodations (IEP/504) - automate it! ?

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Due dates for students with accomodations (IEP/504) - automate it! ?

A teacher asked me earlier today if there is a way to establish different due dates for students with extended date accomodations. You know, two extra days, etc. How do you handle that? Would it be beneficial to automate that process?



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Re: Due dates for students with accomodations (IEP/504) - automate it! ?

Hello @jlehman 


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When it comes to automation, there's not a functionality yet within Unified Classroom that allows for automated processes such as Due Date Changes to occur unless you are using a unsupport 3rd Party Product or process.


Moving on to the second part of your question, all Students associated to a the same Section of a Course and sharing the same Assignment must all have the same Due Date for that Assignment within Scoresheet. There is not a way to set specialized Due Dates for certain Students unless you plan to enroll those Students into their own special Sections. That would be the only was to assure those 504/IEP Students have specialized Due Dates for Assignments that are only associated to them. (That or making duplicates of the same Assignment but only assigning certain Students to each version of the Assignment in the same Section.) 


I hope this information was useful! Let us know if you have any other questions. 

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