Connection Lag and Slowness


Connection Lag and Slowness

Many of our teachers and studennts are experiencing lag since the last update to UC (3/29/2019).  I know we had this type of issue back in the fall, however, updates to UC seem to have resolved this.   We opended a support case and it has been escalated to Tier 2 support.  Tier 2 is saying they are not seeing this on their end.  We see the lag inside and outside of our network.  The lag happens randomly and the user sees the 4 dots, sometimes a few minutes sometimes 5-10 minutes.  Clearing Cache/History will help but does not resolve the issue.  Has anyone else been experiencing these lags?  We are self-hosted using Google SSO for teachers and students.



Mark Voignier
Greater Clark County Schools
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Hi @mvoignier,


Thank you for reaching out for assistance through the Community!  I understand you reached out to support and a case has been created.  Engineers are looking into this issue and will continue to keep you updated on any progress.  If you have additional questions or need further assistance, please let me know and I will be happy to help!

PowerSchool Community Moderator

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