Comments getting cut off when we print


Comments getting cut off when we print

Some schools in our division are finding their comments are getting cut off when we get to the end of a page (they aren't rolling over to the next page).


Is there a way to get comments to roll over to the next page?

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Community Support Expert
Community Support Expert

Hi @tkennedy1981 


This issue can be a result of incorrect formatting. Would you please try adjusting the margin settings for the report pages and check if that prints the comments to the next page?

For the transcript object, we can use the following steps to wrap the comments automatically to the next page: Edit Transcript Object > Define the box that contains

If listing overflows this object, start a new column with these margins: Left 0 Top 0 Right 0 Bottom 0 (inches). Leave blank or set to 0 to simply move to a new page. Also, select Page [X] Display this object on all pages.



Jyotishka B.
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