Combining Two Sections into One Period

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Combining Two Sections into One Period

I teach high school and have two sections for every period.  However, all my sections are separated so I have to access all 10 sections to input grades or sync grades from schoology 10 times for an assignment, instead of 5 times.  Please let me know if there's a way to combine both sections into one period.


Thanks in advance for your help. 



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Re: Combining Two Sections into One Period

Hi @CharleneVo,


Currently, the ability to combine two sections into one is not built into Unified Classroom. However, the PowerSchool SIS Administrator or Designated Support Contact at the school or district can look into options available to address your concern since section information on Unified Classroom is derived from the school or district's PowerSchool SIS setup.


We encourage you to submit your ask as a feature request on the PowerSchool Ideas Portal, you can also search and vote on existing ideas.  To learn more about the process of submitting an Idea please review the guide linked below.


PowerSchool Ideas Portal FAQs 

Bishal G.
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