Can you publish assignments by student group?

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Can you publish assignments by student group?

We are a Unified Classroom district utilizing the Learning version of Class Pages.  I have a teacher who has created assignments for groups of her students in a class and wants to know if there is a way to make the assignment content blocks visible to only the group of students in that assignment. For example, in our hybrid model one group is remote on Monday so they may be working on an assignment that the other group shouldn't see until Tuesday.  If she publishes Monday's group assignment... will Tuesday's group be able to see it? I know you can publish Tabs/Pages by section, but didn't know if you could do that by group or if content blocks could be published by section or group. 

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Community Support Expert

Hi @VictoriaP,


The ability to publish content blocks by section or group is currently not built into PowerSchool Unified Classroom Class Pages.


We encourage you to submit this as a feature request or vote for similar feature requests submitted by our community members on the PowerSchool Ideas Portal.  A guide on how to search, vote, and submit suggestions on the Ideas Portal can be found here.

Bishal G.
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