Calendar events in PS Learning


Calendar events in PS Learning

Judging by the response to another  user, it is not possible to copy calendar events from one class to another.  I was hoping for this feature as well.
In addition, is it possible to set a repeat for an event to "bi-weekly"?  The drop-down menu does not offer this option.  


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Community Manager

Hi @bkahn


Thank you for your post! It sounds like you are asking about the calendar in PowerSchool Learning. You are right that events are specific to the class. Though you can copy a block such as upcoming events, those events do need to be added to the new class as well. If you choose to copy a whole class under Manage Class > Save Class As, you do have the option to include Calendar events. I'm not sure if that would be something that would work well for you. Additionally, you are right that bi-weekly is not an option when adding events. You can set these up as two separate events on the calendar, but there is not a way to combine them into one recurring event. 


It would be great to hear if others have suggestions as well.



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