Assignments not automatically published when synced from Schoology


Assignments not automatically published when synced from Schoology

Recently, teachers have reported issues with assignments that sync from Schoology to PowerTeacher Pro Gradebook. The syncing process happens without errors, the grades match in Schoology and PTP; however, students can't see SOME of the assignments in PowerSchool. The teachers found that, for some assignments, the Published box is not checked in PTP when the assignment syncs from Schoology, it has to be changed manually for it to show up for students. This is not happening to all assignments for each teacher, only some, and they are usually in the same grading category. For example, during the 3rd quarter, a math teacher reported it happening only to assignments in her Homework category. Now, for the 4th quarter, it's happening only to assignments in the Classwork category. 


Has anyone else encountered this issue? Does anyone know how if there is something that needs to happen on either end in order to guarantee the assignment syncs AND is published by default? 

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Yes I am noticing the same thing, however, cannot find an explanation.... would love to provide guidance to teachers as to why this is happening.


Someone here has dealt with this issue so I asked her to type up a response to this issue.  Here it is:


Yes we are familiar about this situation.  We believe it is a result of a Schoology and PowerTeacher PRO (PTP) update.  There is an UNPUBLISHED button for assignments in PTP.  When the teacher creates an activity in Schoology and attaches it to a grading category that is set to sync to PTP, it syncs.  The teacher created the activity but did not publish it yet for students to interact with it.  So the initial sync sent it to PTP and kept it unpublished consistent with the initial settings. Unfortunately, though, when the teacher changes the activity in Schoology to be published for the students, this setting is not always updated in PTP.


RECOMMENDATIONS: continue creating activities in Schoology as unpublished but put them into a non-mapped grading category to prevent the sync into PTP.  Then when the activity is ready to be published change the category.


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We have seen this.  We have Schoology auto sync on, which we plan on shutting off for next year.  Anyay, I believe what is happening is that the teacher is creating the assignments in Schoology, setting the due date, assigning a category, but not publishing the assignment.  It then pushes into PowerSchool as unpublished.  Then they publish it at a later time, but the fact that it was published is not getting communicated to PTP. 

I have a 1 suggestions to fix it and 1 to prevent it.  

My two suggestions to fix this are. 

1.  I believe they can just go into PTP find the assignment, hit edit, and on the publish tab change it to publish immediately and check the box that says publish scores.  

2.  After publishing the assignment in schoology, they could go to the gradebook in Schoology, hit the three dots and go to bulk edit.  Find the impacted assignments and make a slight change to the assignment name.  For example add a : or an *.  Then resync those assignments.  It will resync with PTP and the assignment will be published. 


To prevent this.  If they are creating materials in advance and don't want them published yet.  They should create the assignment, keep it unpublished in Schoology, and leave it in the ungraded category.  That way it won't sync to PTP.  When they are ready to publish it, that's the time to add the date, category, and publish all at once.  That way when it syncs to PTP it will sync as published. 


We have a ticket into Schoology for this issue, hopefully they resolve it so it communicates this better in the future.