Assignments in UC vs Class Pages after updates


Assignments in UC vs Class Pages after updates

Now that UC assignment can be added to class pages and syncing has increased between the two platforms, what are the pros and cons of using Class pages to create assignment vs Unified classroom.  Is there anything that one can provide over the other?  We have some teachers creating in UC and some creating in Class Pages and it is just creating confusion for teachers (during professional development and PS trainings) and students (some have been told to access assignments/hand in via dashboard, others via class pages).  Could we have an updated clarifying document as to when to use which platform.

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PowerSchool Champion
PowerSchool Champion

Though both of them will sync to the gradebook, based on our use the Unified Classroom assignments gives a user more control over the options.

  • The sync to PowerSchool parent portal, app and UC dashboard is instantaneous when enterning via the UC. From class pages it can take a while.
  • You can select specific categories in the UC when creating an assignment.
  • You can select main scale in the UC and not in class pages. This is critical for us since all assignments are to be entered as a leter grade.
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