Assessment Question Editing


Assessment Question Editing

Is there any way to modify an assessment question (without duplicating) once you have created/saved it to update connected standards, select a different correct answer, or to just fix a spelling/punctuation mistake in the question? Recreating or even just duplicating the question to make a correction seems tedious. Thanks.

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PowerSchool Team
PowerSchool Team

Good afternoon @gshulenberger,


Thank you for posting! It is possible to go back into an Assessment to add or remove questions, or go back into an Item and change the answer. That said, if a student has already taken the assessment it will create a new version. Additionally, if a question is incorrect and the teacher has already given the assessment they would have to create a new assignment for the assessment. Once a student takes the assessment the item on the assessment is locked in place and there is currently not a feature in place to change the answer/response at that point. If the score is incorrect as a result of the item being incorrect, it is possible to manually override the grade in the Score Sheet as desired. Thank you for your question and hope this helps!




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