What to do if you are unable to connect to LiveAssist




This article aims to provide alternative means of support in the event that a Teacher user is unable to connect to a LiveAssist session for Chat support.




There are other ways to get a hold of support if you are unable to connect to LiveAssist:


  1. Visit our Help Site – This can be done through the Unified Classroom platform by selecting Help in the left navigation menu from their profile screen.
  2. Email PowerSchool Unified Classroom support directly at ucsupport@powerschool.com
  3. Work with your District’s Technical Contact on the issue and they can contact support via Telephone
  4. Check the Status of PowerSchool Unified Classroom by visiting http://status.powerschool.com/



PowerSchool is dedicated to improving our Customers experiences with Support, if you encounter any error messages or prompts from LiveAssist that are preventing you from accessing the service, please document them thoroughly and reach out to our E-Mail Support to inform us at: ucsupport@powerschool.com