Users Cannot Open PDF File When There is a Special Character in the PDF File Name.


When teachers create an assignment and attach a PDF file, users cannot open it when there is a special character in the pdf file name, such as number sign (#). They get the following error: Failed to load PDF document. Teachers can upload the file but they can't open it.



Create a PDF file and add a special character in the file name, such as number sign (#)


Reproduction Steps

  1. Login into UC as a Teacher
  2. Select a Class from the class picker
  3. Click the + button at the top right
  4. Create or open an existing assignment
  5. Attach a PDF file, save and close
  6. Then click edit assignment and try to open the file


Expected Results

Users should be able to open the document


Actual Results

Users cannot view Document due to error: Failed to Load PDF document.



Remove the special character in the file name.




The issue is resolved in Unified Classroom 19.4.3 release.
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