Unified Classroom: How to enable Activity Post Emails


This article will go over the steps to enable Activity Post Emails when using Unified Classroom.



Unified Classroom: all users



Each user -- teacher, parent, or student -- needs to enable the activity post email feature in their user profile before they will receive any emails from activity posts, whether the teacher uses the Send Message Now option for immediate emails or for the weekly digest emails.


In the user profile, checking the option to "Subscribe to Weekly Digest" verifies the user's email address, enables activity post emails to be sent to the user, and subscribes the user to the weekly digest emails.


Chat message emails do not rely on the "Subscribe to Weekly Digest" option to be enabled before they are sent.



For a teacher, parent, or student to enable the activity post email feature:


1. Click the username at the bottom left corner and select Profile
2. Under Email Notifications, check Subscribe to Weekly Digest and click Save
3. If you do not want to receive the weekly digests of activity posts, uncheck Subscribe to Weekly Digest and click Save


You will still receive activity post emails when the teacher chooses the option to "Send Message Now" even if you uncheck the option to receive the weekly digest.


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