UC Teacher: Side of issue - Left Nav Blue Active State is not Acquired by UC and PTP from other apps


The Blue Active state does not transfer to UCE or PTP as a user navigates to these apps from another app. Learning and Assessments are able to identify and display the active context.


This issue is fixed with the UC release.


For Instance:

UC > Learning: Green 
Learning > Assessments: Green

Assessments > Learning: Green
UC > Assessments: Green

UC > PTP: Red
PTP > UC: Red
Learning > PTP: Red 
Assessments > UC: Red 

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Login to UCE (with a browser other than Chrome), as a teacher
  2. Click Class Pages, note the colour/state of Class Pages charm in left nav (Haiku)
  3. Click Library > Assessments, note colour/state of Library charm in the left nav, and Assessments sub nav
  4. Click Students, note the colour/state of Students charm in the left nav
  5. Click Grading > Scoresheet, note colour/state of Progress charm in the left nav, and Scoresheet sub nav 

Previous Behavior:

The receiving App's active charm stays grey if the app is PTP or UC, as well as any the sub nav menu item.

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‎07-26-2019 10:50 AM
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