UC Teacher Reserved Template Assignments from PS Asmts don't properly restrict teacher access



If an assessment admin creates a Reserved Template with a PS Bank Assessment, a teacher user is able to preview it from the assignment (they should receive a polite blocked message instead), and when clicking the 'Questions' tab, the teacher is sent to the 'Forbidden' page instead of the expected polite message. This is happening with the new Results page feature flag on or off.


Everything works as expected for Reserved Templates with District Bank Assessments.


Steps to Reproduce

  1. Login as assessment-admin and create a template assignment with a reserved PS bank exam (there are samples in Arwen)
  2. Login at teacher and assign that template
  3. As a teacher, navigate to the Results page, click the three-dot menu at top right, and select Preview Assignment (or if portal Results page ff is on, click 'Student Preview'
  4. Click Accept. The start button is enabled and the teacher is able to preview reserved assessment questions
  5. Go back to the Results page and click 'Questions' tab. The teacher is taken to Forbidden page (or if portal Results page off is on, click three-dot menu and 'View Assessment')


Previous Behavior:
As described in Replication Steps - the Questions Tab and 'Preview Assignment' is not respecting permissions restrictions as expected for Reserved PS exam templates. However, the 'Answer Key' option is.


Behaviour Post Release


The teacher cannot see preview or questions and receives the appropriate message.

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