How to hide Next Year's Schedules in Unified Classroom.



How do I prevent students and parents from seeing next year's schedules in Unified Classroom.



The "Suppress Classes For This Term From Parent/Student Users" checkbox prevents parents and students from seeing classes from this term in Unified Classroom.


This feature is available through the SIS Admin Portal


To set this flag:


1. Select School from dropdown menu.

2. Click on School under Setup.

3. Click on Years and Terms.

4. Click on Edit Terms next to the next school year.

5. Click on the hyperlink for a term.

6. Click on the checkbox for "Suppress Classes For This Term From Parent/Student Users".




Select the checkbox to hide classes for this term from parents/students in the PowerSchool Student and Parent portal, PowerSchool Mobile app, and Unified Classroom. Otherwise, leave blank. Once submitted, an asterisk appears next to the term indicating that classes for the term are hidden from parents/students.


Note: This setting is only applicable to the selected term. If a term contains subterms that you want to hide, you will need to select this setting for each of those subterms.

Note: If you use this, it should be disabled once the school year starts.


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