Criteria description do not transfer across to a new rubric.


When teacher creates a new Rubric with existing criteria containing descriptions, the existing descriptions in the criteria do not appear in my new rubric.



  1. An existing Rubric with your own Criteria descriptions.

Reproduction Steps

  1. Log into UC as teacher
  2. Select Grading > Rubrics 
  3. Click Create button
  4. Enter name and choose Default Score Calculation Method Score separately
  5. Click Add Criteria 
  6. Choose Other Criteria > My Criteria
  7. Use the new criteria you have previouly created and save it
  8. Notice the descriptions do not come over when you attempt to use the criteria you have created.

Expected Results

Criteria descriptions should transfer across to a new rubric.


Actual Results

Descriptions you have added on Criteria for Rubrics do not transfer over to a new rubric.



None at this time, the issue is under investigation.



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