Unified Classroom - Back to School Basics






This article is a guide on preparing your Unified Classroom for the new School Year! 


Getting Started with Unified Classroom


Quick Start Guide for Teachers 


Getting Familiar with the Unified Classroom Dashboard 





 Once you have successfully created your Unified Classroom account, it is now time to customize and get familiar with the Unified Classroom Dashboard. Below are some helpful guides on how to set up and use your Unified Classroom! 


Creating Custom Class Names 


View your new Students 


Attendance and Seating Chart 


How to create a Unified Classroom Assignment 




Assignment Workflow 


How to create a Unified Classroom Assessment 


Creating/Modifying Categories for Grading 


How to set a Grade Calculation 




Class Pages 


 Use Class Pages to share information with your students. Add a class page with different types of instructional content, change the page layout, manage class pages, and publish the class for your students to view. Use the student wiki feature. Create polls, discussions, content blocks, and activity blocks. 


Helpful Hints for Working with Class Pages
  • Keep each page as short as possible.
  • Use pages like folders to group sub-pages together.
  • Use your home page as a landing page that helps students get where they're going.
  • For optimal organization, it is best to use fewer than 100 pages for your class.
  • If your students have to click more than three times to get to the necessary content, you may lose them along the way.

 View a List of My Classes 


How do I close my classes at the end of the term or school year and create new ones for the next yea... 


How do I get my old class content into my new classes at the start of the year? 


Creating a Master Class is a great way to combine similar Sections into one Class Page! If you are teaching multiple sections that are all using the same content, and you would like to manage these sections from within one class, the very best way to do this is to create a Master Class. 


Creating a custom Class Page Theme 




Getting Help


If you have any questions please feel free to check out our Unified Classroom Help Center located right on the Unified Classroom Dashboard.  Additionally please check out the PowerSchool Unified Classroom Community for additional helpful articles!